Philip Keppel Real Estate Burbank - Los Angeles CA real estate agent offers help to growing Burbank, CA families to help them sell their current homes to move into something larger. Whether you need to sell your small condo or townhome to get a larger single family residence, Phil Keppel can help!  

Every living situation is different so let's meet to go over your current housing needs and establish a plan of attack. Your circumstances are not unique since any sale can be planned according to the trends of the currrent market.  You may consider selling your home and asking byers for a rent back options where you can stay in your home for a predetermined time while you find a new home. Another option is selling your home contingent on finding a suitable replacement withing a predetermined time. If you do not find a home within that time, you may either cancel the sale or decide to keep moving forward. You can also try to sell your home and quickly find a home and try to close each sale concurrently.  Lasty, there is always the option to sell your home and find temporary housing while placing your possessions in storage until you find your replacement home.  The great news is that you always have options!  Call me today (818)516-7387 to discuss your situation and start your plans to get a larger home for your growing family! Thank you for your consideration. I'm looking forward to helping your family find a great new home!


Philip Keppel
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